Nutty & Cheeky Chops

Who doesn’t love the cute face of a Guinea Pig?  I think they are adorable.

Remember the Adam Sandler movie ‘Bedtime Stories’ that featured a gorgeous looking guinea pig with huge eyes?

My niece, Emma, and nephew, Joel, each have a guinea pig.  Emma’s guinea pig in called Nutty and has lovely brown colouring across the body.  Joel’s guinea pig is called Cheeky Chops and you can probably guess why he has this name.

Emma holding Nutty the Guinea Pig

Emma and Nutty

A guinea pig makes a great pet as they are very loving, love to be patted and will easily fall asleep on a trusting lap.  When you see a guinea pig stretch out this means they are relaxed and happy.  Always treat your guinea pig very gently as they dislike being handled roughly and can get stressed easily.

Juvenile guinea pigs do a thing called ‘popcorning’ and this is when they jump straight up and down like a piece of corn being popped.  Juvenile rats do this too and it is heart warming to see popcorning across the floor knowing your pet is happy and having fun.

Did you know that another name for a guinea pig is a ‘Cavy’, they are not related to pigs and are not from Guinea?

Guinea pigs are sociable and constantly communicate with each other using different squeaks.  Guinea pigs tend to whistle when someone coming into the room excites them or when they are offered a treat.

Joel & Cheeky Chops the guinea pig

Joel and Cheeky Chops

Want to know a little more about guinea pigs?

Average life span: 5 to 7 years

Weight: On average guinea pigs weigh between 750 –1000 grams

Diet:  It is important to expose young guinea pigs to a variety of foods as this determines the food they prefer as they can be selective on what they like to eat.  Guinea pigs enjoy eating Grass hay and there are many types on the market so keep trying them until you find one your guinea pig likes.  Don’t give up as grass hay is an important part of their diet.  Guinea pigs are herbivores so therefore grasses play an important role in their diet and should be available for eating at all times.Food should be stimulating and enjoyable to guinea pigs, just as it is to us humans.  Some guinea pig owners have reported that their pets squeal with delight when they hear the refrigerator door being opened.

Nutty the guinea pig


Other foods enjoyed by guinea pigs are sweet peppers, apples, pears, berries, broccoli, cucumbers, parsley, basil kale, collard greens, mustard greens and dandelion greens.

Be careful not to feed rabbit pellets to your guinea pig, feed them approved guinea pig pellets only.

Foods to avoid are high starch foods such as peas, beans, corn, nuts, cakes, cookies, cereal, grains, breads, and so on.  Never feed them potato.  These foods can create a serious imbalance in the normal bacteria in the intestinal tract and lead to potentially fatal diseases.  Although very small amounts of these foods can tolerated, guinea pigs can get “addicted” to them to the point they don’t want to eat healthier foods.  Therefore, it is best to just avoid them all together.

Don’t forget fresh water!  Fresh water every day is essential.  Change the water every single day!  I don’t know anyone who wants to drink water that has been sitting around for a few days.

Cheeky Chops the guinea pig

Cheeky Chops

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I’m a survivor!

As a dog walker and pet sitter for Lonely Pets Club I spend the majority of my days walking dogs.

So when I started walking two gorgeous Border Collies I was severely challenge and I needed a solution, a good solution.  I also needed this solution pronto!

When I pop around to collect these two dogs there is a frantic madness that involves jumping, barking, squealing and all round craziness.

I can ignore these two in the hope they will calm down but it’s not a great use of my time to stare into the corner of my clients’ home for 20 minutes. 🙂

Putting the leads on the dogs involves getting my face licked till all my makeup has vanished.  Not so savoury some times…..

Trying to get out of the door is like a tornado hit, two dogs going their separate ways and pulling me in all directions.  My heart is racing and I am not calm, not one tiny bit!

It’s off we go; my arms feel like they are being pulled from their sockets as I am dragged along the pavement adjacent to the Pacific Highway.  I had to find a solution before I became road kill.

The dogs pull so hard on their leads that they choke all the way to the dog park, this was also a major concern for me, what would the long term effects of this coking be?  It’s can’t be good.

I trot home feeling exhausted but happy, I have a great job and I am a lucky lady to be able to work with animals.

I started researching different harnesses and training methods and I came across a product which ticked all the boxes.

It is called…..drum roll please……Walk-Me Slip Harness.

Walk-Me Slip Harness

Walk-Me Slip Harness

This product said it would ‘Train Without Restrain’, it’s comfortable and pain free.

According to their website, a study of 400 dogs conducted in Sweden by Behaviourist, Anders Hallgren, his students and several Chiropractors found that;

63% of the dogs examined had neck and spinal injuries.

78% of the dogs with aggression or over activity problems had neck and spinal injuries.

 And, of the dogs with neck injuries, 91% experienced hard jerks on a collar and leash and / or strained against their leashes.

Read more about this study here.

I quickly purchased one of the harnesses and waited in anticipation for its arrival.  (There were daily walks to the post office).

When it arrived I marvelled at the fantastic workmanship, buying Australian made is often a great choice.

I quickly headed to the website and checked out the YouTube video on how to fit it properly.  It seemed a little tricky at first, but when I was fitting it to the dog it was really quite simple; it’s common sense.  Four simple steps and it simply connected to the dogs own collar (for security only), it takes only 30 seconds.

Naturally I was on edge as I took the dogs for a walk for the first time using my new Walk-Me Slip Harness.  I was amazed at the results and totally blown away at the difference, I had total control and there was no pulling and no choking!  Wow!

The dog feels the harness over a large portion of the body and most of the ‘take’ is felt over the chest and therefore very safe for the dog and dog walker. Continue reading

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Who is Oscar?

Oscar's Law

Little Oscar – changing history

I know some of you know what Oscar’s Law is and who little Oscar is.

For those of you who don’t you can look here for further information.

I want to quickly tell you why Oscar’s Law is so important and what you can do about it.

The reason why Oscar’s Law is so important is because puppy farms, although not yet illegal, are often the cause of much animal suffering, disease and cruelty.

On the farms female dogs are frequently injected with hormones to bring them into heat and they then breed continuously, exhausting them and often causing terrible tumours.

These dogs don’t run around green grassy lawns, look up to the big blue sky, laze around in the sun, get an odd treat or get to socialise with other dogs.  These dogs are not pets, they are money making factories and it’s all based on greed.  These dogs are kept in dark, cold pens and they must endure day in and day out living in their own filth.  Not even our most deadly criminals live in such horrific conditions. Continue reading

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A One Eyed Chihuahua

6 months ago, during a terrible thunderstorm, a little one-eyed Chihuahua went missing.

Her name is Cara.

Cara the One Eyed Chihuahua


Cara is a gorgeous little girl who had been through some tough times until her new mum, Francis, came along.  Francis took Cara into her home, provided her with warmth, comfort, love, safety, food and siblings.

When Cara went missing on 1st April at 5.30pm from her home in Dundas Valley (NSW), Francis conducted a search and has not stopped searching since.

Cara is 7 years old, she is micro-chipped and the details are correct, she has been registered with Petsearch (Pet Detectives) and Lost Dogs.

Francis has visited pounds, vets and rescues organisations and checks in with this crowd regularly. Continue reading

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Shame on you Schmakos!


Shame on you!

I was catching up on facebook this morning and I came across a post that made me so annoyed that I have decided to write about it.

Obviously it’s about Schmackos.

What did they do you ask?

There is a wonderful lady named Jo Lyons who takes pictures of the dogs and cats at Renbury Animal Farm (Austral NSW) all in the hope that they will find new furever homes.  Jo does this on her own time, for free. Continue reading

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